Did Kanye West Win The Great Hip-Hop Debate Against T.I.?

Travis Mathew

It's not a "special sauce" secret that most of Hollywood and A-list celebs will typically create some form a social controversy so as to sell their newly launched products. Hey, if it works, keep doing it.  However, here in this instance, Kanye West may not actually be pulling an A-list stunt.  He may actually be attempting to convey a single message to his fans.  What exactly is that message?

In its article covering T.I.'s visit to a local  radio station's morning show, T.I. reportedly said the collaboration with Kanye West for one of his two most recent release, "Ye vs. the People", was a result of a chance meeting in L.A., around the same time Kanye had broken his self-imposed social media silence.  During that meeting, according to T.I., he "felt it was the perfect opportunity to pull Kanye aside about wearing the 'Make America Great Again' hat."

Kanye and T.I.

Performing at the Grammy Awards

According to T.I., Kanye's response was "My subconscious spoke to my conscious and it just moved me to wear the hat."  Kanye was initially unaware of some key social issues that have personally impacted Americans and their families.  Kanye, in a later interview with TMZ, shared that he was addicted to opioids.  It is not clear whether his addiction is related to his plastic surgery.

"Ye vs. the People" took the pair no more than 45 minutes to complete.  From different sides of the issues, Kanye West and T.I. have "agreed to disagree."  You can hear for yourself as we have Kanye West's "Ye vs. the People" spinning in high rotation.

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