Nicki Nicki Nicki! Are You Really Hurt Or Playing Victim?

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Think about it.  We all have that one friend "Becky" who always plays the "poor me" role, don't we?  No matter what dirt Becky does, when someone hurts her feelings, she's quick to run to the nearest social media site to complain about how wrong the person was for not including her in recent posts, comments, or invitations.  In this instance, Nicki Minaj is throwing around unfavorable comments about Cardi B for not mentioning her in recent media interviews.

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Nicki Minaj

Should She Always Credit For Collaborations?

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Though Nicki has the receipts to prove Quavo needed her consent before allowing Cardi B to have a verse on the highly popular track MotorSport, she claims Cardi B and others are not telling the real story.  This is truly hurtful, according to Nicki.   Even after Nicki gave approval for Cardi B to be on the track, Quavo later reduced the number of verses Nicki had and laid originally, and inserted even more verses by Cardi B.  

Nicki believes there was a perfect opportunity for everyone to clear the air and clean up the confusion; however, nobody actually took the first step to do it.  Nicki believes she was caused to look like she lied about the whole thing.  What do you think?

Nicki Minaj has more beef on the burner these days; however, it was the Cardi B conflict that led to her returning to social media with a single purpose in mind--clearing the air.  According to Time, "fans long speculated Nicki and Cardi had beef..."  Read the complete article here.

Here's Migos' MotorSport:

What do you think?  Should Cardi B spread the love each time she's interviewed about her success?  Should Nicki Minaj be hurt by the lack of attention given to her contribution to Cardi B's present meteoric success?  We want to hear from you.  Motor Sport is spinning in rotation right now.

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