Millionaire Hip Hop Icons Kicked Out of Their Hotel

Effy Jewelry

What happened?  It appears that over the course of the weekend, Atlanta's Migos got caught up in yet another bust up.  After the Drai's Nightclub performance, and on the way back to the Encore Hotel and Casino, and now just a few feet from the front doors of the Encore--somebody had to call out Quavo.  "Hey Bro...move your car!"  Why?  Just Why?  Roll the footage:

Migos had quite a busy night in Sin City after they followed up a big performance with an even bigger melee that ended with the cops getting called to sort out a brawl. Sources on scene during the fight tell The Blast the entire Migos crew showed up at Encore in a caravan of SUV's immediately following their performance at Drai's Nightclub.

The Internet is a buzz about this "Desert Brawl".  According to The Blast, the physical fight broke out after a few words were exchanged.  Cardi B was not involved and was rushed away before the real dusting began.  Good to know.  

Someone potentially from the Migos camp was questioned in the wee hours of the Vegas morning; however, was released shortly thereafter.  To this hour, the details are still very sketchy and Cardi B isn't saying a word.  

If you were there, saw the dust in the air, hit me up here with the details.

Effy Jewelry