"Strip That Down" From Liam Payne Earns RnB/Hip-Hop Spins

What are we thinking, right?  We are Chill & Hip Hop™.  Management wasn't convinced when we introduced the idea of expanding the definition of our musical lifestyle format to include RnB/Hip-Hop influenced and inspired pop music.  What?  Really? 

After just a few short listening sessions, management was just hooked too.  We know there are thousands of stations around the globe spinning an eclectic mix of beats and harmonies; however, how many are core RnB and Hip Hop Pop?  I mean, can you think of a single station that has drawn a line in the dirt and said..."this is who we are?"  We can't.

Liam Payne's "Strip That Down" which features the hip hop prowess of Quavo cannot be ignored.  

Chill & Hip Hop™ Spins Liam Payne

"Strip That Down"

Liam Payne ft. Quavo spinning on Chill & Hip Hop™

"Strip That Down" featuring Quavo's masterful rap lyrics was the right decision for Liam's debut solo single.  We are ready for a few additional remixes. We are not alone in our not so typical thought process here.  Liam, himself, describes "Strip That Down" as "a trap and hip hop-influenced pop and R&B track." 

When Liam decided to go with Migos member Quavo, timing was a key factor.  After the tracks were laid, it was all good.  According to Liam, "we absolutely love it".  Quavo is the go to man.

Take a listen to Chill & Hip Hop™.  You will not be surprised by a few other pop songs you may hear.  We  are just getting started.

Here's Liam Payne's video--"Strip That Down"