Drake's Unofficial "Kiki Dance Challenge" Outlawed in Egypt

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Just Weeks After "In My Feelings" Dropped, Kiki Dance Challenge Draws Fines

"Kiki are you riding?"

"In My Feelings" DRAKE, Summer 2018

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Drake released "In My Feelings" along with many widely played titles from his latest album, Scorpion, earlier this summer.  Scorpion was well accepted by us here at Chill & Hip Hop™ and likely every other popular radio station around the world.  A standout, "In My Feelings", prompted a wildly accepted dance challenge to its highly favorable lyrics about "Kiki".  Who is Kiki, and what's up with her and Drake?  Let's leave that one for next time.  Here's the latest list of top Kiki Dance Challenges.

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Though very funny and cool looking, according to Egypttoday.com, in Egypt, "Egyptian law prohibits vehicle drivers from not closing their vehicles' doors while driving on the road, or driving at slower than the specified minimum speed limits...whoever violates the law shall be fined...unless the violation did not lead to injury or death of anyone or damage of vehicles."  In short, Kiki can get you in deep trouble in Egypt.  Let's just stay away from the continent of Africa until Drake and Kiki simmer down a bit., or Drake gets out of his feelings.  Take a look at "In My Feelings":

That trap music got us in our feelings too!  Drake has done it again.  Keep it up fam.  Stay with Chill & Hip Hop™ for the latest.  Listen to our two streams: Chill (romance, room service, and roses); Hip-Hop (All top Hip Hop, RnB and Rhythmic). 

See you on the radio.

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