SZA's "The Weekend" Is Making Noise On And Off The Radio

Chill & Hip Hop™ Spin Update covers artists making huge impacts with our listeners.  Requests from all across the world have led us to conclude SZA's "The Weekend" is still a very big hit.  According to our DJ's 2 out of every 4 requests that come in are for SZA's "The Weekend".  She's getting much love from us as we are spinning "The Weekend" several times every hour.  According to VIBE, the recent release of the video of SZA's "The Weekend" caused quite a stir among her fan base.  Specifically, "fans of the TDE artist argued Solange was heavy-handed in the video's creative direction, claiming it didn't match SZA's wave".  SZA was silent for a bit, but later made her position known.

In the cover story with FADER, SZA stated that the way Solange sees her is "beautiful".  Read more about what she has to say in FADER's update.  For us, we know video is a strong compliment to this Grammy nominated hit, but we appreciate the concept of "Netflix and chill".  You just can't watch Netflix and chill at the same time--but you can listen to the radio.  And SZA's "The Weekend" is here to stay on our airwaves.  Take a listen right now.  She's playing in minutes on Chill & Hip Hop™