Chill & Hip Hop™ Attracts More than 1 Million Daily Viewers on Pinterest

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Pinterest and Chill & Hip Hop™ began their partnership to drive millions of daily viewers when it became clear Chill & Hip Hop™ was on a meteoric rise to significantly expand the stereotypical profile of the hip-hop music consumer. 

Chill & Hip Hop™ goes well beyond the likes of radio stations, category specific websites and fashion forward destination sites.  Chill & Hip Hop integrates every aspect of the experience into a core-based approach which includes highly effective social media partners, the world's premier brands, popular music artists and the media and technical expertise provided by the pioneer of the digital economy, PadraicCyril.

Chill & Hip Hop™

Chill & Hip Hop

"It's Your Life"

Chill & Hip Hop™ employs a proprietary algorithm to select the music it plays on its Interruption Free Radio™ stations and the images it selects for its Pinterest board--which is also named Chill & Hip Hop™.

Viewers from all around the globe visit the Chill & Hip Hop board on Pinterest everyday; however, more 500,000 viewers just happen to reside in and around the New York City Metro Area.  We are excited by the support our board and radio station is receiving from New York and the other major cities around the world.


Chill & Hip Hop

"It's Your Lifestyle"

Visit us on Pinterest and listen to us on the radio everyday.  We are doing something that is not currently being done by others in the marketplace and are encouraged by the reception so far.  We are always on the lookout for great, warm and heart filled images to add to our board on Pinterest, and may simply reach out to you for your permission.  If you have a suggestion, simply upload your images to us here (center column, then, down the page).  We will review and post as appropriate.  

Thank you for your support and we are happy to share this milestone with you.  See you on the radio.

Chill & Hip Hop™

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